I look at today's logs and figure, "Half the world" has already have had so much happen to them even before I got up this morning to go to work. I wonder whether it is worth my time to write these logs. So I decide that my perspective on daily life is somewhat interesting. I also decide that perhaps I will only write when I need to and not every day. So here it goes:

Today. My sister's birthday is today. She hasn't reached the big 30 yet. I wonder how she'd be when she does.

7:45am EST
I wake up today listening to the Humble and Fred Morning Show like I do everyday. They play a song by Pearl Jam that made me cry. I wonder what the name of the song was. I didn't bother getting the CD when it came out. It was about the car accident and how "the lord took her away from me". I think about it some more and cry. It makes me think about how fast my driving is sometimes. I will still try to be careful when I have my Love in my car.

8:30am EST
When I get to the car, I remember last night's drive home and how pleasant it was. After the whole day yesterday of feeling bad and getting angry on the most miniscule things having to do with Adobe Photoshop and work in general, popping in a Bossanova CD really made my commute more cheerful. I recall the way the cars moved, inching ever so slowly in the rush hour, people frantically driving while I enjoy my latin tunes and "The Girl from Epanema(sp?)".

So today, I find myself slipping in StereoLab. Another great commute indeed.