The foundation to wealth is being built.

The ingredients:

1 Home-based business.
1 Educational System.
Lots of activity for intent to profit.
Do more.
Do lots more.

Results you will get:

Tax advantages
Business Owner mentality
Success in every facet of your life.
1 solid foundation for wealth.
A residual income.
Financial Freedom.

I was doing my taxes the other day thinking about the aforementioned recipe. As I was plugging in all the numbers into the tax software, the tax return kept getting bigger and bigger. So big in fact, it went over $6000.

Funny how all those who are doubting it are being proven wrong by those who are successful at it and doing it.

After having spoken to so many people showing the business plan, and with those who had said "No", I simply do not care about them. There seems to be many people who have no idea as to what to do in order to get what they want. A long time ago, their dreams have been squashed by either their parents, their working colleagues in their first salaried job, or by circumstances.

One year of my activity has gotten closer to everything I have dreamt possible. My personal life has improved immensely! I'm a much more well-adjusted person with an attitude. My friends love me and I love more and more people. So why do some people doubt this business?

It's not about the business model. 95% of the people in jobs work in a business model in which the compensation plan is determined by trading your time for money. And as you progress, there's more responsibilites, yet not much more compensation. Now where's the freedom in this ratrace?

What it's about, is YOU. Each and every individual has the opportunity to make a choice whether to make it or not in whatever the circumstance that life is being thrown. The strong ones will change, adapt and persevere. The weaker ones will enjoy the status quo and become lazy and not change.

I would relish the day when all my old acquaintances realize this: "The chief cause of failure and unhappiness in life is trading what you truly want, for what you'll settle for at the moment."