Yes, I too must admit that teachers have told me the same thing. (Aren't teachers cruel?) But in my case, I always felt that everyone else didn't live up to their potential, and that inhibited my own development. I was one of those high-maintenence kids requiring a lot of attention. If I didn't get attention, I couldn't function as well.

However, the attention I required isn't like what you might think. All I required from the people around me when I was younger was opportunity and challenge. I felt as if the teachers were patronizing me and my art work. I would draw certain pictures to perfection and got bored while/after doing it. For some reason, pictures I had completed were always pinned outside the classroom in the hallways.

I also felt as though I could have done better in so many subjects. But unfortunately, I'm referring to subjects that are not offered in East York's elementary school cirriculum. Math was a no-brainer, Art was as natural to me as breathing, and English only takes time. The choirs, the plays, all bored me to death. I felt that I was not living up to my own potential. And I blamed the state of the world. A superiority complex at age 7 sounds unthinkable, doesn't it? Well, it was me.