Days are getting longer and I am feeling better.

The mornings are getting sunnier and I am less cold when I wake up. My headache is almost gone. I just need to catch-up on my sleep. Driving seems to be a very good way to release my pent-up energy. Playing new CDs doesn't hurt either. It seems to enhance my drives to work. Work itself is getting a little more interesting though only bit by bit.

I still miss my Love even though we had the weekend together. I am reminded of her whenever I see the blue, stuffed toy with the "chin-face" and barcode hanging from my car. It gives me comfort just like how she does.

I am excited about the MOMO shift-knob I ordered for my car. I hope it will satisfy some of my inadequacies.

And thoughts of spring and summer are so welcome right now. I can't wait to open my windows fully down and the sunroof fully in the open position. I need some fresh air from all of the stale, heated air.