I don't usually publish my dreams either, but there's always a first.

Last night's dream made me think about a few things when I woke up, also during the dream as well. I probably reached a point where I was lucid dreaming, where I can control certain thoughts.

This dream is probably one that takes place in the future. I'm living with my Love in this well-furnished, contemporary loft. I recall there was fine cherry and birch veneer doors and a large master bedroom. For some reason, I had a dog. Not a "true" dog, more like a half-breed of wolf and dog like in one of those animated movies probably from Disney. I had the notion that these half-breeds were quite viscious even if your try to approach them peacefully and with good intent. And for some reason, we had one half-bred puppy. It looked more like a small German Sheppard.

I was afraid of this puppy of ours in this dream for fear that he may bite me in some cannibalistic way. I needed to take a shower or at least hide and stay away from the puppy, but he kept following me. I could see behind those eyes a certain madness - an aura a snowshoe hare would be afraid of in the winter. I tried closing the door behind me but they wouldn't close. The doors were all too small and had gaps either above, which he could pounce over, or below, which he could crawl through. I was afraid until all of a sudden, I realized that he probably only wanted me to pet him or scratch behind his ears. I also realized that if I ran away from him as I did like a scared little child, he would probably give up and not like me. And from that he could be even more viscious than I could ever imagine.

I was slightly apprehensive at first when he pawed at my leg. I crouched towards him as I smiled, but still afraid of him biting me. There was an instant closeness once I started to caress the fur on his head. A calmness set between us. It seemed as though we enjoyed each other's company in that moment.

I had never thought I would ever be a dog/wolf person. But it seems like at least in past realistic settings, I have a good rapport with animals.