I wasn't going to write anything, but now I am.

I've decided to force myself to output something even though I probably don't have anything interesting to say. I suppose E2 is good in the sense of at least allowing some sort of outlet for the brain. I usually use E2 to start my days, giving my brain a chance to jumpstart my neurons.

I had a nice little argument last night with my Love. This happens whenever our beliefs seem to collide with one-another - hers with mine. I'm thinking that we should probably find a better way to deal with situations like that.

I wake up today with heavy eyes. I also ignore my clock radio, even though it is giving me some half-hilarious dialogue from the Humble and Fred show. I rarely remember anything that makes me laugh. It's as if those moments slips me out of consciousness and simultaneously shoots me through another time continuum.

There is no traffic on the 407! I'm wondering where all the people went! I suppose most of them took today off, being Friday and close to the holiday season. This is the second time I've reached the office in near-record-time!

Ugh, my dent is still on my car. And then I find another dent, one slightly less obvious. It is above my other one on the same side. I can't believe it. I may be a victim of vandilism, not just an accident. Now I find myself checking out the window a few times making sure no one is hanging around my car. Thanks a lot, dumbass driver! Now I'm getting paranoid!