I am laughing again!
(I am no longer depressed.)

These few days have left me a little bitter since the incident with my car. But last night, I finally got around to laughing when I talked to my Love on the phone. I also seemed to have laughed at today's Humble and Fred show on the radio. Before leaving my room, they played an excerpt from Mister Dressup. It went like this:

"What a wonderful day today. We have lots planned for today. I'm so glad you can join us!"

ding-dong ding-dong

"Oh, someone is at the door. Hold on a second, let's see who it is."

{silence signifies he opened the door and looked around}

"Oh! No one is there...I guess someone was playing a trick on me!"

{Mr. Dessup chuckles}

That really made my day. How nice that it was that early in the morning.