Somewhat of an uneventful Christmas in comparison to last year's.
I am here alone with my grandmother. My parents are in Florida, my Love is in Halifax, my sisters are elsewhere. We had a dinner yesterday, but today, it's been rather quiet. I suppose it's better than spending Christmas and New Year's Eve alone and drinking wine and champagne. Yes, I've done that before. It was when I was in my second year of studies and turmoil enveloped my life. My Love at the time resented me, I didn't want to spend time with my family, I was generally unhappy. My, how times have changed.

This afternoon, I find myself watching Oprah once again because I can. It was about how couples had to rearrange their lives as well as their attitudes once they have children. It's a different way of living after you have a child.

I think about my life. Most of it, I don't want to divulge, because it's too private. I need to talk to my Love. I miss her dearly.

She's coming tomorrow to Toronto, and my life will be so much more fulfilled because of that.