Well, things have been pretty chaotic today:

- We had a family party for lunch and opened up our presents. My nephew loved what I got for him. The race car and trailer was exactly what he wanted. He makes noises to mimic the doppler sound of a highly-tuned car passing.

- I didn't get to talk to the girl in France. We've already connected after only four straight hours of talking with each other. She already misses me, as I do her.

- I also didn't get to talk with a local girl. I'm hoping something can happen - at least something fun. I need to get out more.

- No more Christmas shopping, no more worrying about what to get people. How nice. Now this can be a real vacation.

- Skating for tomorrow is cancelled. My friend recently caught a cold. I was looking forward to finally skate on real ice after so many years. I even went to a local skate shop for advice on what to do with the skates. Apparently, they're in great condition without the need to sharpen them.

- After a year or so, I finally went back to the place where I did my internship. It was good to see them again, though somewhat awkward. I'm glad they still exist.