Final Fantasy X just came out yesterday. I went to the nearest Electronics Boutique and reserved a copy the day before. Last night, I started playing the game for 41 minutes, and already, I'm amazed at the quality of the graphics. The voice-overs are actually much better than having to labourously read the caption. The game, however, doesn't seem to have that medieval feel to it. It's similar to that of Final Fantasy VIII.

This time around, she won't be playing the game with me. Had we still been together, this Christmas holidays could have mimicked that of when we were still in university in Ottawa - playing Final Fantasy and then eating chicken fingers, battered fish or pizza all day. Those were better times when things were much simpler.

I'm still actively searching for a mate. I never thought I could be this persistent and this dedicated to it. I guess I've jumped in head first with this venture, just like I do with everything else.

The somewhat odd thing about this is that the women who are interested seem to have children already. I'm still debating whether or not that really bothers me. But it's not like I'd be dating their offspring. On the one hand, I don't believe I'm quite ready to be an instant father to someone else's kids. On the other hand, it probably wouldn't matter much and I would embrace the idea if I just so happen to fall in love with the woman. For now, I'm leaving myself open to possibilities these circumstances may bring, and just journey through the process cautiously.

It'll be a good time alone. My family will be down in Florida for their yearly dose of relaxation. I'll be up here soaking in the coldness by myself and perhaps with some of my friends. I might even soak myself in a blaze of glory with champagne and wine, just like I did one year in Ottawa.