I woke up today thinking it was the Christmas Holidays already! (Hmm..sounds familiar.)

7:29am EST
But then I came to my senses and discovered myself waking up exactly one minute my alarm clock was suppose to go off. And WOW my room is cold! I miss being with my Love and staying warm in her cozy room.

This weekend was amazing! I ended up buying Final Fantasy IX for my Love as a Christmas present and played it for most of the weekend. We were suppose to go out to some Japanese cultural event on Sunday, but had forgotten. I guess it's because we had already sold our bodies to finance our Final Fantasy habit. And what did we have for lunch? Fish n' chips. We finished Disc One already with about 10 or 12 hours of play.

The weekend was so relaxing, that I really thought I was on vacation today. I suppose also, my brain hasn't re-adjusted itself from telling the rest of me that I am not in school anymore. Exam time is now for people in university. And last year, I was there, but had no exams. I had about one month's worth of holidays just playing Playstation games. And this year, my brain was probably expecting the same, hence my almost not waking up today.

9:40am EST
"Hmmm....it seems as though I think my best thoughts in solitude. This is what I think as I'm in the washroom. (Is this too much information?)

10:30am EST
I found out that the entire office is going to "leave early" today because of the impending snowstorm. I suppose they want to avoid traffic and the weather conditions. I, on the other hand will stay for the duration of my shift, and maybe leave a little early. I don't even think it'll be that bad. My drive on Friday night when I was going to Ottawa was bad with near white-out conditions. I drove for about two or so hours from Toronto to Kingston in that weather at an average of 80km/h. I feel brave and stupid for staying here longer.

11:00am EST
I feel like Charlie Brown placing my elbows on my cubicle wall and talking to my co-worker.

2:39pm EST
It's snowing as hard as ever. People at work are still here. I wonder when they are leaving. I haven't done much today except e-mail a few database links. I should really consider basing my work at home unless I really need to be here. Is this how the software industry is supposed to work?

3:36pm EST
WOOHOO! I'm going home early! Time to play in the snow!