I can't believe it's December already!
Tonight, I will be with my Love again but in a very different and unique setting. We'll be in the Royal York in downtown Toronto enjoying my/our first company Christmas Party. I'm looking forward to seeing people in our company dress-up differing from the everyday.

10:22am EST
I just found out that the new Focus RS will be out next year! (Well, at least in the UK.) I am aching to get it even though I've already leased a Focus ZX3. I'm sure my dealer will love me for making the decision to buy it.

on a related event -
I told my Love last night that if she were to go to Japan, I would buy myself a new set of O.Z. Wheels for my car. I figured that something had to make me a little happy if she were to go. I just can't bear feeling all down and depressed if she were to leave. Yeah, a set of high-priced aluminum wheels is the way to compensate for my inadequacies.

11:00am EST
I'm starting to work yet again on my UCD Plan. I don't think anyone is listening to me at work. I also don't think anyone knows the importance of having me and more people like me around, especially in the early stages of development.