From within the software industry, it seems like most companies have Casual Fridays nearly every day! Many of the Product Managers here come dressed in t-shirts, jeans, sandals, and sweatshirts regardless of whether it is Friday or not. Almost all employees here dress themselves in manner that borders on the slob/casual line. I had thought that this craze stops after leaving university - watching students in their pajama bottoms, sweats and sandals walking to their next class in the sheltered stench of the underground tunnel system was just hideous! (I went to Carleton U. in Ottawa.)

The non-conformist that I am, I stick to my own style of ultra-modern flat-front chinos and linen pants with matching socks, black italian square-toe shoes, and sleek, slimming, one-coloured tops. One could say I am a person that needs-to-have-the-most-current-fashion-to-retain-respect-from-others-but-at-the-same-time-maintaining-a-quality-level-of-personal-comfort.

I sometimes cringe when I see what other people (especially the ones above my position) are wearing. It seems like not everyone respect themselves enough to be presentable.