Once again, I do it again!

I was in the zone again during my commute, testing my driving abilities at 120km/h through busy traffic. It wasn't as busy as yesterday when I couldn't even move. After moving to our new place, my commutes have been cut short. So I try to make the most of it by being myself - sort of like real-life GT3. My Love is in London right now, so my commute is even shorter and faster. Paul Van Dyk's CD has been in my car for the past week or so. The music starts to up the rhythm once I hit the accelerator out of my driveway. Onto the ramp and rushing through on the highway, I begin to make moves and snappy decisions. The words of this writeup do not do it justice, so I have to type faster.

Amovethereandamovehere.thetrafficseemstobestaying alotslowerthan it wasdoingsoyesterdayi must typefasterso that youcanseehowfast I went.therewere times wheniactuallythoughtiwagoingtocrashby instantlyirememberadvanceddrivingtechniquesi practisedthenoght before(lastnight)on my Playstation 2.GT3isamazing.thiscommutewasamazing. weavingthroughtrafficlike and unsatiatedtailor,nothingcould havestoppedme.iwasColin McRae, iwasCarlos Sainz and TommiMakinen and therestoftheWRCdriversrolledupinto one.a fewclosecalls but I didn't let it phase me.Thewholetime the musicmovedasIdidkeepingasymbiotic statewith meand mymachine. Pinchingmycarbetweenaslowermovingvehicleand afaster one, instantlychanginglanes when the timing was perfect, being humbleandnotriskingit when thereisatimeforcaution. Iwasdoingeverythingright,and extrmelyFAST. Someoneshouldhave filmed it all. Myspeedbarelyletup even offthehighway. Movinginfrontofthe truck to achieve a quicklanechangeanda turnattheintersection was a little scary, but the quicknessandagility of the carshowedme therewas nothingtobe afraid of.

My, my. I still cannot believe how well my car handles. It must know what I want to do. Th response I get from it is probably equalto that of a Porsche. I know that my mother's SAAB was not as responsive nor quick as this!
The record for my commute: 12 minutes.