Here's a nice brain dump of the day:

There's this one statement in my mind that has made me think and wonder about what the true meaning could be about:

"I ponder the trappings of true love."

It is this exact statement that leads me to believe that my assumptions are indeed fact.
True love is not suppose to be focussed on just one person. By saying that it's a trap, she is proclaiming that her thoughts are on herself and not for the other person, nevermind the couple itself. And having lived together, it only brought out that fatal flaw more apparently.

True love is suppose to be unconditional and selfless. It wouldn't have matter if I had grown up myself because she would not have had the capacity to understand and possess such beliefs. Obviously, a person like that needed their own ways to grow and develop into a more mature person. But it cannot happen without learning from the past - not living it.

The next statement that baffles me as I came across it last night:

"Forgiveness is giving up hope for a better past."

....wait a minute...I just got it. :)