If you find yourself ready to break-up with the person you've been going out with for a long period of time, and have even planned your way out of the relationship, there are alternatives to consider that have the possibilities of rectifying however dire the situation might be. Instead of using your energy for something diabolical, try a few of these activities to help rebuild your relationship:

1. Counselling is always an option (obviously). Though usually rather expensive, think of it as an investment towards the one you love if you happen to be super-monogamous having no interest in other people.

2. Have daily communication sessions with your loved one. By doing this, you can better relate to the person as opposed to always assuming, wondering and being defensive about everything your significant other is saying. Knowing about the person's day and how it relates to you is always important.

3. When tempers flare, take a step back to cool down, then hug. Opposing tempers and stubborness can be a crux in the relationship.

4. Have sex/love-making twice as much as you fight. At least then, you will be able to build upon a good thing instead of deconstructing the relationship.

5. Be persistent in finding resolve, instead of trying only a few times and then giving up. Take the time to talk to your significant other. Usually, relationships take time to care for, especially when it enters a different stage of evolution. Patience is also the key.

6. Look for ways to think outside of the box. If there are any issues or problems that have been long outstanding and cannot be addressed using conventional wisdom, it's time to change your doctrine. Use the resources of Everything 2 if you have to.

7. Plan your way through the relationship. In difficult times, emotions will overpower all thoughts of logic. When it comes to things of a pragmatic nature, it is better to sit and write down a plan as opposed to worrying and arguing over these issues.

The most important thing while doing any of the above suggested activities is each person to give enough balanced effort. Try to avoid an unbalanced effort.

The main motiviation for these activities is not to harbour complacency - they are merely attempts to keeping a good thing and to maintain a relationship.

Disclaimer: Some and/or all of these activies may not work, but at least they are a start. Please use your common sense above all else.