My bathroom sink has always been the slow drain, while my kitchen one has always been lickety split. I wondered why this was. I mean, everyone uses their bathroom sinks to do more each day than they do their kitchen sinks. You can go a week without doing the dishes or even cooking, but I don't think many of us can get away with not brushing our teeth or playing with our faces in a variety of ablutions. But I don't think it's the use that causes this but the contents.

Food may clog a sink, if you don't pay attention. But it seems that hair will always last longer. You could probably open your pipes right now and, even thought they aren't backing up yet, you would find hair nettled with bits of soap and who-knows-what. Hair has this amazing ability to hang around for weeks and weeks and it only gains this power for longevity after it's fallen out of your head or, in the case of most females, been plucked from your eyebrows, shaved from your legs and underarms or waxed from the nether regions. Your bathroom sink and bathtub drain pay the price.

To me, it makes sense that the by-products of human will outlive and out-withstand the byproducts of nature. That will, I think, forever be a problem.