It's supposed to rain for a few days straight. The outer wall of our office was built under an existing roof when the dealership was bought out, and it leaks. Bad. It's been leaking since it was first built, and the owners don't care. The water is pouring out of the windows which are cut out from the sheetrock in cookie cutter squares. Those who have windows have buckets and wastecans and jugs to catch the water, but that doesn't matter because it seeps down the walls onto the floor, which is just carpeting over concrete. Our shoes make a squish sound everywhere we go, but it's been going on the last 3 years and it's amazing what you get used to. We keep our CPU's off the floor by setting them on milkcrates. There is a puddle in my boss' office that is so deep above the carpet that you can see the reflection from the overhead lights in it. You can imagine what the mildew and mold count must be in here. And it rains at least once a day during most of the year. We are all waiting for any section of the wall to fall in. Then maybe they'll fix it.

I've been back from work almost a week and have felt completely worthless, since I don't have anything new to tend to. We're dead until the wrecks people are getting into come in next week (which you can count on, since people here cannot drive in the rain), and we're all going a bit batty. No work, no calls, can't write walk-in estimates in the rain, and so we just sit here.

I played in my makeup bag. I never wear makeup, so for me it's playing. My socks got soaked during the day so now I'm in my Chucks, sockless and cold. I want to run around the room and scream. I ate a Big King meal and I wasn't even hungry. I think I will get some beer tonight. I sat on that site and rated men all day. I waited for someone to remember me but he seems to have forgotten me already.

A 6 pack of Abita Amber and a movie. Sounds like a winner. Anyone wanna come over?