don't change
your plans
for me
I won't
move to
the leaves
are falling
back East
that's where
I'm gonna stay
Ben Folds Five

I had told you that, in so many words. I said it with a hint of sadness, as if I'd already given up that you cared. I do that, I tell people not to feel bad when I feel they have let me down, even if they didn't know I was expecting something because I don't always say what I'm thinking, and that gets me in more trouble than I thought it would.

Then your reply. You were my plans tonight. On the machine, tinny and quiet, the way your voice always is. How often I press my ear as far into the phone to hear you speak, even when it's just breathing.

It makes me want to sleep with my eyes wide open
Just so there's nothing of you that I won't miss

Tina and the B Side Movement