In a subset of Metairie, Louisiana called Fat City, there is a sign for a new restaurant that has opened. The sign says "Casual Attire." How much more vague does this term have to mean to warrant quotation marks?

I am familiar with those rabbit ear gestures made by people's fingers when they are inserting virtual quotes in their conversations. I don't like her, but I (rabbit ears) like; she's a little (rabbit ears) out there. And so on.

Now, that I can understand. But what does "fresh" fish mean, or "homemade" pralines? When you're advertising for food on a sign made from the back of someone's tool shed, I would think using quotes would just put one more nail in your enterprise coffin.

Oh yeah, and learning to spell helps too. And come to think of it, knowing how to spell possessives is also a plus.