I drive a Festiva. Before that I drove a Geo Metro. Both are red, and both were predicted to live a long life mechanically as long as no one ran into them. Both were bought by me as total losses, cars whose rendered damage exceeded (by leaps and bounds) their blue book value and therefore, the insurance companies refused to fix them.

There was nothing really wrong with either of them except the fact that they were a little older and had no retail value. I am realizing that there are alot of misappropriated value to go around in this world.

Even though my car (who I affectionately label "my little red M&M with wheels") has no power steering, or power anything for that matter, my co-workers always want to borrow it. Why? Easy to manuever in traffic, easy to park, easy to gas up. If SUV's can't see me, fuck em; I'll be out of their way before they can say "bovine."