How long a line has to get at Walgreen's before the only other employee opens a lane.

How much spaghetti sauce to put on spaghetti.

How much milk to put in cereal.

Why I have three jars of strawberry jelly in the fridge.

Why I still secretly yearn to buy ramen.

Why they need two sentences to express the same thing at the opening of all rented movies.

Why I keep plastic grocery bags by the dozens.

Why Vision Plaza can make bi-focal contacts but can't make colored ones for people with astigmatisms.

Why there are five different coffee shops chains on the same block.

Will they ever make a CD to tape adapterwhere you can plug a CD in and hear a mobile tape player.

How it is that a hole opened up in the middle of a street takes 3 hours to create and 3 months to fill.

How it is that a person can fill a hole in your life in 3 hours takes 3 months to empty.

Why I manage to acquire more milk crates every year and yet have less shit to put in them.

Why I think being an online junkie is a willful choice.