I headed to Sidney's to get some smokes before they closed tonight at 9. I make a right angle from my block into the French Quarter to Decatur Street which always bring me to pass by Molly's on the Market, a place I used to stop in on Saturday nights for a few beers.

"Where are you headed?" Jeremy asks. He must have seen me walk by.
"I'm out of smokes."
"Can I walk with you? Haven't seen you in a while."
"Sure." Not that it makes sense.
"You don't come to Molly's anymore? Matt says you used to come all the time."
"I try to stay away from the place now."

It's a long walk to Sidney's. Jeremy made the walk with me once before, the first night we met out for drinks, which would be the last time as well. First he asked for my email address and wanted to go out sometime, then emails me later that day to tell me that he is, unfortunately, still living with that psycho girlfriend he had told me he was getting rid of weeks before. I wanted to be his friend after I found this out, but since his intentions were misleading from the start, I didn't know if I could believe anything he said.

"So, is your little sister in town yet? Wasn't she moving here soon?"
"No not yet."
"So who was that brunette you were with a few weeks ago?" Holding hands. The one that is not your girlfriend He puts his hands in his pockets. "Mike and I drove by and I saw you and said your name, but you ignored me, didn't you? You looked right at me."


"If you want me to be your friend, wouldn't it have been smart if you had said hello back? You're just full of things to hide, aren't you?"

"I'm sorry about that."
"Fuck sorry. Answer the question." It's not like I have anything to lose.

You stood me up for drinks. I called you on it, and you were defensive, bringing into it people that weren't involved. Then you never wrote back after that. Then you come to my workplace and introduce me to your girlfriend like nothing has happened. You are interesting and attractive, but you clearly don't know what you want. Get away from me.