Like, so many nuthouse films, this one details the often corrupt medical practice and misuse of control of power from within residential wards.

Ironically, the scenarios represented in these films are all too similar with everyday life and everyday people. The criminally insane we see on the screen are our kin, our other selves that we seldom show but always know are there, locked inside our frenzied brains.

The one scene from this flick that has always stayed in my mind occurred toward the end of the movie, where Jack Nicholson and his fellow nuts were in the bathroom and he began boasting about how easy it would be to escape from the ward.

He theorized that he could rip the sink out of the floor, hurl it through the bathroom window, jump out, and escape. At that point, he began struggling to do just that, to no avail, with the fellow patients watching him, helpless and terrified to assist.

Upon forfeiting his attempt, he backed away, and panting, he stated, "At least I tried."