Everybody wants to tell me something. Something that is wrong with me. While I know they are often right, I admit I am tired of being a fuckup. I am so tired of not making sense. I have so many people telling me what they think I should do, or feel, or say, or think, and I know they're only telling me because I asked for their opinions. I asked for their opinions because I felt that I couldn't make the decision on my own.

"You know, every time you talk to this one person, you start being a dick to your other friends, and you just lose it. You didn't act like this until he started talking to you at his convenience."

No, that's not it. You don't understand....

"I think you're making sense about your decisions regarding you and I."

Well, that's one vote for me. Go me.

Hell is other people, when they're in the room I'm in. And what's funny is I told them to go into that room.