I would have thought it was a simple task. I told my friend and co-worker Sandi to deposit my paycheck into my bank account. I gave her an ATM deposit slip, filled out my account number.

I was pretty much depending on that money while I was out of town in NYC for the weekend, so even if the money had made it into the account after noon on Friday, surely it would be accessible before the weekend was out, right? I even called Sandi Saturday morning to verify that the money had been deposited. At the very latest I could get into it by Sunday.

Well, my friend Sandi done went and had herself a blonde moment. She doesn't have an account at my bank, but my bank will gladly let any shmuck deposit money. Well, even though ATM deposit slips can be used at pretty much any area of a bank (drive thru, counter, ATM, night drop), Sandi assumed that in order to use it, she had to insert it into an ATM. Hard to do when you don't have an ATM card, huh? That didn't stop her, no sir. She crammed that puppy in there and drove off.

Now, it's Tuesday and I still have no money. If the check didn't get chewed up in the machine, I may get it before the day is out. Good thing I wasn't there to sign it. Sheesh.