It was refreshing to see this book's title appear on this site. That book has, for me, changed my already sketchy opinion of television, since I was raised on cable access but upon leaving the nest, I've yet to use a TV for anything more than watch rented movies.

Like other books that extrapolate the woes of the media, this book was already ahead of its time. Being written in the 70's, this book's author had already begun to see the rapid pace and effect of television's impact on society.

There is not one person to whom I have lent this book that didn't walk away more informed. I am not anti-television as much as I am constantly craving to be more aware of my surroundings. I do have a Kill Your Television bumper sticker on my Festiva, as well as a Drive Now Talk Later bumper sticker I got from the NPR show Car Talk, which are equally beloved. For me, neither is a simple statement of cool rebellion, but a call for self-awareness.