I work in a body shop. When I came back from an out of town trip, there was a van in our lot that looked like a big blue soda can that had been stepped on. All along the side, the sheet metal was buckled from the point of impact that seemed to have come from the rear. Glass was broken out at odd intervals. It was an older model family van, the kind you take the family in on a picnic, the kind you moor like a boat.

When I asked about how it ended up so damaged, I was told that an 18 year old girl was driving an Altima at about 85 MPH, talking on her cell phone. This van was parked on the shoulder and the owner had been struggling to change a tire. The whole family was luckily outside the vehicle when the girl struck the corner of the van, flipping it over three times while also flipping her own car once, landing it on its tires.

She died right there. The whole family had been spared. I was speechless.

Word of warning people: watch those fucking cell phones. They can kill.