It is safe, I'd say, to fall in love with any one aspect of me, for I have fallen in love with a singing voice, a pair of hands, and a shaved head, each of which belonged to a different person. I'd say that these are safe, for you or me to fall for aspects of one another.

But it is not advisable to fall in love with me. Love my writings, or what I say, but stay away from me. It is possible to see too much or not enough of the truth to make a concrete decision. Love as best as you can and to the level it can be returned to you. It's not that I don't like being challenged, that I'm not up to the task or that I find myself to be unloveable. You just have to trust me on this.

If you care at all, do your best to not let me fall in love with you. Don't give me more compliment than you'd give a friend, don't do overextended kind things to me that I can misread. I am very good at reading into things. I have all the rope I need, thanks just the same.

If I have a crush on you, that's pretty safe, because I can recognize and compartmentalize that. It's safe, as well, to have a crush on me. But please make that clear to me, because I just can't take any more ambiguity right now. I may want someone with whom I can share a room and read independently, to whom I can look up and smile, then go back to reading, but I'm simply not ready.

Save yourself and save me. Don't do it. Trust me.