As is the case with a variety of pop culture relics from the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Baby-Sitters Club series is experiencing something of a resurgence on the internet. As those who read the series when it was originally published get older, they might be tempted to go back and revisit it. This has led to a variety of websites and online communities devoted to the series and its spinoffs.

 This includes several different facets:


Sites including the Internet Movie Database and Wikipedia have created in internet users an insatiable appetite for trivia tidbits and other useless factoids. The comprehensive Wikipedia article about the books provides everything you might possibly want to know about the characters, series spinoffs and even a breakdown of the books' formulaic structure.


That there would be Baby-Sitters' Club fan-fiction should come as no surprise to anyone, as every series in existence has spawned fan-fiction (even Sweet Valley High!). More interesting is the prevalence of BSC slash (or femmeslash, as most of the main characters are female), much of it pairing the main characters romantically years after the series ends (i.e. when they're somewhat older than 13).

While some of it is as archaic as slash can be, there are also some very poignant stories about the characters coming out to their parents and, sometimes, struggling with their changing perceptions.


One of the most popular BSC website is a blog called "BSC headquarters," named for the club's meeting place in the series. The author, a librarian, rediscovered the books at work after having read them in her youth. She decided to re-read them and document the experience, never failing to tell us how she really feels. It is written in a very humourous fashion.

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