Sociologist John Lee has a list. Here it is.

  • Eros = Love of beauty. Visual, sensual and tactile
  • Mania = Obsessive love. I'm crazy over you! Too much of this makes a crush.
  • Lunis = Playful love. Carefree and non-serious.
  • Storge = Companionate love. Friendship-love.
  • Agape = Altruistic love. Patient and undying, abstract love. Traditional Christian love.
  • Pragma = Practical love. Love that thinks before acting. (Marry for money).

    Most couples have a combination of many types. (not neccisarily the same mixture for both sides)

    These are the extreme poles of love. A six cornered plane, somewhere onto which your love (in theory) falls.
    This is one of the more famous attempts to classify love. It is not the only one, and it will probaly not be the last.

    Jes5199--They are all true.