Asprin lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He claims to have been at one time or another a fencing coach, a Mongol warlord, a Klingon, a cost accountant and a deep space mercenary.

Scholars of this genre consider this biography to be highly fictional, due to the fact that the fourth named would be grounds for arrest anywhere in the civilised universe.

A popular Science Fiction/Fantasy author. Born 1946, and currently still living and writing. He is a self-described "first generation American of Philippine-Irish descent". He attended the University of Michigan, and worked as an accountant for a subsidiary of Xerox until he started writing, at which he has been fairly successful. He is married to Lynn Abbey, and they have two children, Annette and Daniel. Aside from writing he spends his time on fencing, music, tropical fish, and needlework.

The Myth series is one of the best young adult/adult fantasy series around. He started writing it for a bit of fun and to give him a break from his rather depressing books The Bug Wars and The Cold Cash War. He started work on a humorous series about a magician's apprentice who fell in with a demon, and these turned out to be much more popular than his more serious books. The Myth books worked so well that he later started the Phule's company books, a humorous science fiction series.

Robert Asprin took a longish break while he was suffering from chronic writer's block, and he seems to be overcoming it by writing with co-authors. This is also at least partly due to problems he had with the IRS; he reached a settlement with them (I'm not sure what the exact problem was) by agreeing that they would receive all income earned from books for which he is credited as sole author. It's therefore in his best financial interests to work with co-authors. I haven't liked the newer stuff as much as his earlier stuff, but YMMV.

Myth Books:

These start out as light-hearted madcap adventures, but later on get more serious and touchy-feely as Skeeve tries to figure out what to do with his life. These are on a level with Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, although he has his own, lighter style. I prefer the older books (first five or so). The later ones move from light humor into a 'what's the meaning of life' mood.

Another Fine Myth
Myth Conceptions
Myth Directions
Hit or Myth
Myth-ing Persons
Little Myth Marker
M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link
Myth-Nomers and Im-pervections
M.Y.T.H. Inc. In Action
Sweet Myth-tery of Life
Myth-Ion Improbable
Something M.Y.T.H. Inc.
Myth-told Tales (with Jody Lynn Nye)
Myth Alliances (with Jody Lynn Nye)
Myth-taken Identity (with Jody Lynn Nye)
Class Dis-Mythed (with Jody Lynn Nye)

Phule Books:

A multi-millionaire takes over an inept company of soldiers and turns them into an elite force. These are very humorous books, and the series starts out strong.

Phule's Company
Phule's Paradise
A Phule and His Money (With Peter J. Heck)
Phule Me Twice (With Peter J. Heck)
No Phule Like an Old Phule (With Peter J. Heck)
Phule's Errand (with Peter J. Heck)

Duncan and Mallory Books

'Comic' books, or perhaps graphic novels. The art is done by Mel White, being quite cartoony. Duncan's the hero, Mallory's the dragon.

Duncan and Mallory
Duncan and Mallory: The Bar-None Ranch
Duncan and Mallory: The Raiders

Random Humorous Books

E. Godz (With Esther Friesner)

More Serious Books

These books I haven't read. If they belong in another category, let me know.

The Cold Cash War
Cold Cash Warrior (with Bill Fawcett)
The Bug Wars
Mirror Friend / Mirror Foe (With George Takei)
Catwoman (With Lynn Abbey)
Catwoman: Tiger Hunt (With Lynn Abbey)
For King and Country (With Dafydd ab Hugh)

Time Scout Books
Written with Linda Evans.

Wager's of Sin
Time Scout
Ripping Time
The House That Jack Built

The Wartorn Books
Written with Eric Del Carlo


He is also well-known for editing and co-editing the Thieves' World books.