From Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance.

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Frederic's all-purpose love song ("Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast") has just failed to win over even one of the girls -- but just as all seems to be lost, Mabel pops out of nowhere, and falls instantly in love! (Hey, it's a comic opera.) This is Mabel's song. You'll notice that Mabel's sisters chip in with an acerbic couplet towards the end...

         RECIT -- MABEL
Oh, sisters, deaf to pity's name,
For shame!
It's true that he has gone astray,
But pray
Is that a reason good and true
Why you
Should all be deaf to pity's name?

ALL {meaning ALL GIRLS}:
(aside): The question is, had he not been
A thing of beauty,
Would she be swayed by quite as keen
A sense of duty?

For shame, for shame, for shame!

Poor wandering one!
Though thou hast surely strayed,
Take heart of grace,
Thy steps retrace,
Poor wandering one!
Poor wandering one!
If such poor love as mine
Can help thee find
True peace of mind--
Why, take it, it is thine!
Take heart, fair days will shine;
Take any heart -- take mine!

Take heart; no danger lowers;
Take any heart -- but ours!


(EDITH beckons her sisters, who form in a semicircle around her.)

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You might be wondering why my version of the lyrics are different from Evil Catullus', above. I assume that his is from the 1983 movie version of the Pirates of Penzance. Like any theatrical production, the movie did not stick exactly to the script (I think that, as far as this song is concerned, they improved it, although it does go on for a long time.)