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Pissabed was once a common name for the [dandelion], and a slightly less common name for other [wildflower|wildflowers], such as the [bluet] (Genus [Centaurea]), [oxeye daisy] ([Leucanthemum vulgare]), and [buttercup] (various members of the family [Ranunculaceae]). These were all given the name of pissabed because they were used as [diuretic|diuretics]; they are also said to have other medical uses, and many buttercups are poisonous, so I do not recommend the medicinal usage of pissabeds based on the limited information that I give here.

The word pissabed was used in [Middle English] (often in the form [piss-a-bed] or [pisse-bed]), a compound word formed piss, meaning [urine], and abed, referring to the [garden] bed. This etymology is preserved in the French word for dandelion, [pissenlit] (lit being French for bed).