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Moe is a traditional English [nickname]; it has become so familiar that it is no longer as popular as it once was. It has strong [working class|working-class] overtones, and because one of the popular [Three Stooges] was named [Moe Howard|Moe], it also has overtones of [dopiness].

Moe is short for four unrelated names:

[Elmo], which is in turn a shortened form of two unrelated names; [Erasmus] (from Greek elene meaning '[torch]'), and [Aldelmo] (from [Proto-Germanic] helmo, meaning '[helmet]').

[Morris], which comes from the Latin Maurus, meaning [Mauritania|Mauritanian]. This is the same root as gave us the word [Moor]. Other forms of Morris include [Maurice] and [Morey].

[Moses] from the Hebrew Mosheh. The origin of Moses is not known, but it is obviously a popular name due to the whole 'writing the [Torah]' thing.

[Muhammad] from the Arabic Mahum or Mahimet, meaning '[Praiseworthy]'. This is another name made famous by a holy prophet, in this case the writer of the [Quran].

The name Moe was somewhat popular [given name] (as opposed to nickname) in America around the turn of the last century, popping into the top 1000 [boys names] from [1890] to [1920]. It has not entered the top 1000 since then, and it is not likely to do so in the foreseeable future.

Moe is also a [surname] originating in [Norway] and [Sweden], where it also occurs in the forms [Mo] and [Moen]. This form comes from [Old Norse] mór, which came to mean ‘plain' or ‘[moor]’ in Norwegian and 'sandy [heathland]' in in Swedish.