1. {verb} To yell.
    {noun} A loud shout.

2. To gripe and complain.

3. A type of work song sung by African-American slaves to make work go faster. Freely improvised and often without words. A predecessor to blues.

4. A variant of Hollow (a small valley between mountains).

Idioms: (see proper nodes for more detailed definitions).

1. Holler guy: an informal, but de facto, leader of a group.

2.1 Hoot n holler: (also a hoot and a holler) a ruckus, a great party, or a loud greeting.

2.2 Hoot n holler: A two-way (or more) always-on audio connection (i.e. Speakerphone). Used in many businesses, but particularly financial offices and news agencies.

3. Holla back: To call back, to contact later, to argue, to not stand up for oneself.

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