This is intended to be a list of indexed reference works on E2. If you have any additions or updates, please let me know. If you are an editor or a god, you do not need to let me know, you may update this list on your own if you like.

Acronyms and Abbreviations
American Underworld Dictionary
A Scribe's Glossary
Basic skateboard terminology
Beat Dictionary
Chad's Slang Dictionary
Climbing terms
Computer And Video Games : Glossary of terms
Dictionary of Biblical People
Dictionary of Australian Slang
Dictionary of Mountain Bike Slang
Dictionary of sexology: Main Index
Drug slang
Dune : appendixes : Terminology of the Imperium
Encyclopedia Frobozzica
E2 Terminology
Excerpts from the Larry Flynt style guide
Feminist Vocabulary
George Carlin's 2,443 Filthy Words and Phrases
Glacier Terminology
Illinois Prison Slang
Latin law expressions
Leet speak
Music terminology
Pilots' Jargon
Scratch DJ Terminology
Theatre lighting terminology
The Devil's Dictionary
The Dictionary of Fake and Unusual Words
The Dictionary of Imaginary Places
The Jargon Lexicon
The StuDan Dictionary
Things you might hear in prison
Transhumanist Terminology
Words of Power

British English
English-Drow dictionary
English-German Dictionary
English-Swahili dictionary
Nodes about Finnish Language
French slang
German-English Dictionary
German slang
Japanese expressions
Japanese Kanji
Japanese Words About Gardens
Japanese Words About Landscapes
Old Tongue-English dictionary
Ranting in Various Languages

Word lists:
Fun words to Introduce into the English Language
Most versatile words
   *  Two letter Scrabble words
   *  Three Letter Scrabble Words
   *  Five-Letter Scrabble Words
   *  Scrabble words with a Q but no U
Webster 1913: Randomly Discovered Interesting and Unusual Words
Words in books that you've been saying wrong in your head for years
Words that are fun to type
Words that go funny if you look at them for too long
Words to use when playing Hangman with a Mensa member
Words with contradictory meanings, sometimes
Words with very few rhymes

US military aircraft designations