Back when people were actually interested in this, I started "The Biography of the millennium reformation node string" (this was still on E1). That has now become redundant, and I'm reposting it here. TheLady, Samhunt, and Gamaliel have covered some of the names in the original string, but they missed others. As long as that list is up there at the top of this node, we need the addendums down here at the bottom.

The Beatles was not one of the most influencial persons of the last thousand years. They were not even four of the most influencial persons of the last thousand years.
Nor was Elvis.
This is Everything. We deserve better.

Here's some I want to get rid of... This is not the whole list. I haven't added anyone to this list unless I knew something about them.

Steven Spielburg

James Joyce

Ronald Reagan

Charles Darwin (Alfred Russel Wallace also came up with natural selection, as did Patrick Matthew)

Dante Alighieri

William Shakespeare

Thomas Jefferson


St. Thomas Aquinas

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Johan Sebastian Bach

Princess Diana took me completely by surprise. Did she do something that I don't know about?

And here are a few people to add.

Stanislav Petrov

Alfred Nobel

Blaise Pascal

James Clerk Maxwell

John Harrison (The chronometer, cased ball bearings, and the bi-metalic strip.)

Leonardo Fibonacci (Introduced Indo-Arabic numerals to Europe)


Hernando Cortes

Sun Yat-sen

Henri Dunant

Grace Hopper

And, of course, Nikola Tesla.