Kingdom = Animalia
Phylum = chordata
Subphylum = Vertebrata
Class = Mammalia
Order = Artiodactyla

  • Suborder Suiformes:
    Suidae (pigs)
    Tayassuidae (Wild Pigs, Peccaries)
    Hippopotamidae (Hippopotamus)

  • Suborder Tylopoda:
    Camelidae (Camels and Llamas)

  • Suborder Ruminantia:
    Tragulidae (Chevrotains, Mouse-deer)
    Cervidae (True Deer, Moose, Caribou, etc.)
    Giraffidae (Giraffe, Okapi)
    Antilocapridae (Pronghorn Antelope)
    Bovidae (Cow, Bison, Sheep, Goats, Antelopes, etc.)

    Animals of this order have either 2 or 4 toes on each foot. They often have complicated stomachs, and if they have horns they are on the crown of the head.