Born in 1932 in London, UK, Howard Hodgkin studied at Camberwell School of Art, London and the Bath Academy of Art, Corsham, between 1949 and 1954. He was initally associated with the British Pop Art movement, but his later work is influenced by Fernand Leger's 'tubism' and likened by himself to 'representational appearances of emotional situations' such as memories of meals in restaraunts, and holidays to Italy,Morocco and India. The feelings he espresses in his paintings are captured in intense colors; remembered people and objects are transformed into expressive splotches, swirls and blobs of paint. The paintings tend to be objects: thick wooden boards, never canvas, and heavily framed. His work seems spontaneous, but they are often the outcome of several years of layering and repainting. He won the Turner Prize in 1983, and some of his better known pieces include :-

Grantchester Road, 1975
A Small Thing but My Own, 1983-85,
Dinner in Palazzo Albrizzi, 1984-88,
Gossip, 1994-95,

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