Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has now been pretty much banned in Australia - the Australian Office Of Film and Literature Classification people have revoked their classification for the game, making it illegal for games retailers to sell it. It seems the HotCoffee thing (a mod that has cartoon sex in it) was the last straw. They did this instead of giving it an R (AO for you Americans) because they don't have a rating worse than MA15+ for video games. Copies on the Aussie Ebay are going for around half again the retail price, but I'm not all that sure whether that's legal or not - because if it isn't, you can bet your bottom dollar Ebay will pull the auctions.

Although they may have a good reason for it. With this game, you can use the internet to access porn! It's not like you could do that before at all.

Ye gods, we Aussies can be a bunch of prudes at times...

Major Update!

It appears that there is a new version of GTA:SA on the streets. because the OFLC has let up and reclassified the game as MA15+ (Which means parents must be present, instead of just giving permission, which is what the regular M means) as of the 12th of September. There are still a bunch of people pushing for an R18+ rating for games, but this doesn't get in the press as much these days. The OFLC is ignoring it, too. I dunno, you can have porn, you can have video games, but gods help you if you try to double-dip.