Bow wow whitcha wow wow, whitcha whitcha whitcha!

You wanna change the governmental system? Upset at a law? Convinced your representatives are nothing more than puppets for Canada? Well, you could try the conventional methods of getting your points across to those supposedly representing you, but...

Writing a letter? Even the most well defended, logical, and heartfelt arguments fall into the hands of cronies whose sole purpose in life is to place your letter in the trash bin. Not very good odds there.

Voting? Remember The 1800 U.S. Presidential Election? Me either. Evidently it was pretty corrupt. I guess 2000 election might be a better example. If voting changed anything, they would make it illegal.

Demonstrative marching? Eh, slightly more effective, but it turns you, your friends and innocent bystanders into some good target practice.

There is something, however, that affects politicians the way kryptonite affects Superman- A debilitating noise that turns their plotting minds into mush. It instantly sears the corruption imbedded deep within their most private sectors of their souls. Their psyche melts like a popcicle in furnace.

That noise can only be a Rage Against the Machine guitar solo by Tom Morello.

Unfortunately, there are a couple problems. For one, Mr. Morello doesn't play guitar for RATM anymore and probably never will again. And the chances of ever getting him to personally play a little tune for your cause is next to nil. Well, that means you have to improvise by using your mouth.

Once you are within hearing distance of the target, address him or her. Say something like "Hey! Your ultra fascist neo commie leftist social nation building medicaid pro globalization fundamental regime anti liberal republican immigration policy institution barrel funding ideology really makes me mad!"

Just before he or she frowns and opens their wind hole to deliver a quasi-related non counter, bust out with a Bow wah ah whitcha whaa, waah wa-ah whitcha waa!

You might be surprised when the politician in question drops to the ground and writhes uncontrollably. However, just continue your musical political protest as the automated suits escort you away. Once you're beyond the sight of the public eye, you'll likely be shot in the face. But fear not, martyr! The world will know you and the power of true political protest!