Eve: The Second Genesis is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) currently in development at CCP. Players will assume the roles of spaceship pilots and will be free to do basically whatever they want, be it fighting, trading, or anything else you can do when flying a spaceship. Players will be able to choose whether they want to be on their own or join a "corporation" (which is just EVE's term for a clan) with other players.

The game takes place in an unknown part of the universe where five different nations struggle for power. As with other MMORPGs, the game world is constantly evolving, so if you go away for a while you might find your circumstances in the game drastically changed when you return.

The game is scheduled for release later this year, but it already has a huge devoted fanbase, as shown by the fact that many corporations have already been formed (and some have even been disbanded already :). CCP recently signed a publishing deal with Simon and Schuster to ensure worldwide distribution.

The game will be insanely detailed and it will have loads more features that i won't get into here. More info can be found at the official website: www.eve-online.com