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Two people, Taze and Defcon.

Defcon is the E2 newbie. *glares* OK, OK, so that's not completly fair. He's actually OLDER than me. Which is weird. And anyway, I got to the User's Bio first. So there.

Thinking about it, it's actually scary how little I (Taze) know about Defcon. I met him a week ago, I think, IIRC, and he was the first person to volunteer when I said "I wanna set up an E2 account! A year hanging around is long enough! I want someone to share an account with me."

And I'm Defcon.

Right then, I (Defcon) met Taze about a week ago, and I was the first to volunteer. We met actually met on IRC, where Taze is the newbie. She's only been there for a few months, I hear, whereas I've been there for 2 3 4 years. I'm really, really new to E2, as some people have already found out. I'm still a little confused, but Taze is working with me. Hopefully I won't be too annoying.