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mission drive within everything
If the pen is mightier than the sword, and a picture is worth a thousand words, how dangerous is a fax? Ah, philosophy. *waves M-16 and fax mahine. How do I set my laser printer on stun?* My and random nothing (Now there's a contradiction), marked by breif periods of procrastination.
The Discworld, fanfiction of various genres, and recently, acting.
If knowledge is power, and power corrupts, and corruption is crime, and crime doesnt pay... Does knowledge, in the end, leave you broke?
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Death is more universal than life. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives. No, I'm not a goth. I just like dressing in black and talking about anthropomorphic personalities and reading Sandman comics. People often make that mistake. My drama group picked me to play Death (from Mort, the Discworld), of all people.
Considering I'm a female teenager with the vocal range of a mollusc, it was kinda funny.