The Egyptian Pyramid was used for the tomb of a Pharaoh.

These Pyramids were enormous and were built from stone blocks. Nobody is 100% sure how the Egyptians moved these blocks around. What I want to know is how they lift the stones when there is no sign that they used cranes.

In the centre of the Pyramid is a "burial chamber". This is where the dead Pharaoh is kept, and is put with many riches for the afterlife.
Many of these jewls have been stolen, or people have tried to steal them.

The Pyramids are all on the West bank of the Nile (the side which the sun sets). This is done for religious reasons. The Pyramids are close to the Nile because many many huge stones had to be carried over, so they used boat .

The Pyramids are thought to have took ten years to build and around 100,000 slaves.

When the Pharaoh was buried he was buried with "The Book Of The Dead".
The Pyramids contained such things as toilets.
The Great Pyramid is made of 2,300,00 stone blocks.
There are over 90 pyramids in Egypt.
Pyramids as burial places went out of fahion for almost one thousand years between 1800 BC and 800 BC.