The ancient Egyptians believed strongly in their many gods. These gods ruled everything from sun and moon, to love and wisdom. Some of these gods were national gods, worshipped all over the country, but most were local gods.

Heres a brief note about some of the popular gods (well known ones)

  • The sun god "Re"
    Re ( in Egyptian legends ) created people. The ancient Egyptians called themselves "the cattle of Re".
  • The water god "Sobek"
    Sobek is the crocodile headed god. He controlls all the water supplies.
  • The wisdom god "Thoth"
    Thoth is the ibis-headed god, who invented speaking and writing.
  • The protector god "Horus"
    Horus is the falcon headed god, who looked after the Pharaoh.
  • The god of war "Sekhmet"
    Sekhmet, is the lion headed goddess of war.
  • The goddess of love "Hathor"
    Hathor is the cow horned goddess of love. She also looks after happiness, dancing and music.
  • The god of creation "Ptah"
    Ptah, is very cool, he created everything. When he says the name of something it would then exist.
  • The god of women and children "Isis"
    Isis took special care of women and children.
  • The mummies god "Anubis"
    Anubis, the jakal headed god, helped prepare mummies.
  • The god of death and rebirth "Osiris"
    Osiris looks after the Underworld and Earth
Many of the gods were releated, Osiris was married to Isis, and Re had a sister god "Shu".