I'm flying over a jungle and all the animals below are pointing at me and holding binoculars up. I decided to go down and meet these wild, yet grotesquely cute animals. I flew down, trying to dodge all the trees. When I was finally on the ground, the animals gathered round me, and smiled. I greeted them all, then introduced myself. When I said who I was they all gasped. There was silence. I moved a step forward, and they all screamed and ran away.
I was sad. All the cute little animals ran away!

I decided to keep on flying, like I was before. Something happened… I wasn't flying.
I started to cry, the world seemed like a pretty bleak place. All the cute fluffy animals hated me, and I was stranded in the jungle.

It started to rain, suddenly it was night time.

There were cliché scary noises all around me. I lay down on the ground, and curled up into a ball. Everything was blurry, all I could do was lie there, listening to the wolves howl, and the owls hoot.
After a while it was daytime again. All the cute animals were gathering around me, with evil looks on their faces, now they were not so cute as previously thought.
I was scared. They were huge, and not to mention evil.
I stepped back. They stepped forward. I asked them what they wanted, but they just laughed, a wickedly evil laugh. On the spur of the moment, I ran. Consequently they chased. I was faster though, for some reason. After a while, I lost them.

Now I was flying again, above the rain forest, till I reached what looked like, New York City. The Twin Towers were still there. I had always wanted to go to New York, so I landed in a small park. It was raining.
I slipped on the grass, banged so hard into the ground that I was now in Hell. At least I think it was hell… the devil and Hitler were there, yet it was snowing.
Hitler said something to me about Jewish people.

Suddenly the jungle animals were there, and I woke up.