The wind is blowing, yet it is a warm and beutiful day.
I am sitting right up the top of a pine tree, meters above the ground, wondering how the hell to get down.The ground seems blured, and so does the sky.

The wind starts blowing harder, and harder, as I am trying with all my strength to stay on the tree.
"HELP, HELLLLLPPPPPP!" I keep screaming, but nobody came.
A strong wind blew me right off the tree. It seemed like forever I was falling, till I hit the concrete ground.
People gathered round. Asking stupid questions, till after a while I finally stood up.
I wasn't hurt. Until I looked down and noticed I had no right arm, or shoulder for that matter. I screamed, I sceamed so hard I lost my voice. All the people who gathered around me ran away.

It started raining, and I slipped over. Without a right arm, I could not get back up. I lay there, the water was getting deeper. It was filling the whole concrete court up. I tried to scream, but I had no voice.

After a while, the only part of my body that was not covered in water was my mouth.