Theres lots of numbers floating around, as I walk down a normal, inner city street. Of course, this being a dream, numbers floating around seems very normal.
I walk, and suddenly trip over a hose, banging right into the side walk. An old man helps me up
"Are you alright, that was a mighty fall" I think he says.

Suddenly its dark, nobodys on the streets anymore. The old man looks at the sky in fear, looks at me, and runs away.
I felt, as you could guess, scared,but I stood up, and just kept walking.
I tripped over another hose, this time I was REALLY angry, good thing nobody was around.
I stood up and kept walking...again.

I crossed the road, one of the floating numbers hit me. I didn't care.
Some one grabbed me by the neck, and pulled me into an alley way, I tried to sceam, but he put his hand on my mouth.
Lots of people were in the alley way laughing. They had big injection needles, and were grabbing floating numbers, and injecting them with black stuff. I could hear their little squeals.
"Your turn" Said the man who was holding me, I could not see his face... to dark.
He injected me with the black stuff.
And then I woke up.